Level 2 - Psychology of Identity and Behaviour

Level 2 enables you to make deep and lasting change in the psyche with unprecedented speed, using techniques that have been developed directly from the work of Level 1.  This 2 day training is classroom based and costs £750.00 per delegate.


With the new techniques that have been created and tested ‘in the field’ we can create lasting change to such resistant conditions as:



  • OCD








All the above have a particular element which is usually absent in most of the issues with which we have worked using the protocol covered in Level 1 and where it is present, it is in a minor form which causes no real conflict or interference with any part of the work. The element itself is well-enough known and indeed has often been recognised to be at the core of many psychological problems. Until now though, seeking to make changes to it have proven to be laborious, unreliable and often short-lived.

The element is: Core Identity
In most of the situations listed, and many others like them, there is an almost inextricable link between the behaviour and the core identity of the individual exhibiting 

We are not talking here about how an enlightened or psychologically educated person would see such an individual but how the general population might perceive them and how they therefore might perceive themselves. And if they believe that’s how others see them, then it becomes part of their core identity, of course.

Please note in order to enrol you must have completed Level one training and assessment.  Click here for Level 1 course.

BWRT Level 2 Weekend Course

APRIL 18th/19th 2020

Earlybird £550.00 upto 15th March. Price reverts to £750.00.


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